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If you need to perform before then, you can use the TAP. If a drive is unplugged or your SCS. This will cause. Also note, there is a 20, song limit per drive, so, if you have a collection. If the platters were held down during startup, this can cause. Please re-boot your unit to calibrate. As stated before, your SCS. As such, analyzing on your SCS. From the.

There are a few reasons that you may not see your entire collection in the browse list. If some. If you have inserted a large device for the first time it can take a long time to find and display all of. The scanning icon will display in the center of the status header. The scanning icon will display when the first page of your. This icon will go away.

Also note, there is a 20, song limit per drive, so, if you have a collection larger than 20, It is very difficult to turn the storage compartment locking tabs on the bottom of the unit. Especially when SCS. On the top of each locking tab is a slot in which the edge of a coin can be placed to make. If you want a song to play again,.

If your playlist contains songs that are not resident on your. Please make sure that your SCS. Please go to www. USB devices can be attached to these. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We proudly stand behind the quality of our work and. Registering your product will help us guarantee that you are.

In some cases, our Tech. Support team can resolve your problem immediately, avoiding down time due to shipping delays. To initiate a warranty repair, please contact the authorized Stanton dealer from whom you purchased. For the fastest and safest product return to Stanton , please use the original shipping carton and. The warranty for mechanical parts which are subject to wear and tear are limited to either the earlier. Stanton will warrant all replacement parts and repairs for ninety 90 days from the date of original. Repairs made necessary by reason of misuse, alteration, normal wear, or accident are.

Authorized Stanton dealers are only authorized to sell and distribute merchandise within a specific. All goods requiring warranty repair or replacement must be returned freight prepaid if not. For purposes of purchases made via. Any returns to a non-authorized dealer or to an authorized Stanton. To initiate a warranty repair, you must contact the authorized Stanton dealer from whom you. Stanton assumes no risk and shall be subject to no liability for damages or loss resulting from the. In no event will Stanton be liable for any special, incidental or consequential. To the extent permitted by law and except as otherwise.

The above warranty provides you with specific legal rights. You may also have additional rights,. If there is a dispute regarding the warranty of merchandise that does not fall under the warranty. My Mass Stora. Do not use this product near water; for example, near a bath tub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool. Never use thinner, cleaning fluids, solvents or chemically impregnated cloths.

Unplug this product during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. For example, it should not be situated on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface that may block the ventilation openings; or placed in a built-in installation, such as a bookcase or cabinet, that may impede the flow of air through its ventilation openings.

The unit should be situated from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other devices including amplifiers that produce heat. No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be placed on, or near the unit. The unit may fall, causing serious injury to a child or adult and serious damage to the unit. Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table recommended by the manufacturer or sold with the unit. An appliance and cart combination should be moved with care. Quick stops, excessive force and uneven surfaces may cause the appliance and cart combination to overturn.

Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. NOTE: Should the unit become damaged beyond repair, or reaches the end of its life, please consult the regulations regarding disposal of electronic products in your region.

NOTE: S tanton Magnetics cannot be held responsible for damage, and, or including data loss caused by improper use of the unit and or the applications provided for use with the unit. The unit and power supply should only be connected to a power supply outlet only of the voltage and frequency marked on its casing. Protect the power cable from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus.

A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult a qualified electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. If the mains plug supplying this product incorporates a fuse then it should only be replaced with a fuse of identical or lower rupture value. The power supply cable of the unit should be unplugged from the wall outlet when it is to be unused for a long period of time. Upon completion of any servicing or repairs, request the assurance that only Factory Authorized Replacement Parts with the same characteristics as the original parts have been used, and that the routine safety checks have been performed to guarantee that the equipment is in safe operating condition.

This unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: The power cord or the plug has been damaged Objects have fallen, or liquid has been spilled into the unit The unit has been exposed to rain or liquids of any kind The unit does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance The device has been dropped or the enclosure damaged. BPM: An abbreviation of Beat Per Minute the number of steady even pulses in music occurring in one minute and therefore defining the tempo.

Crossfade: Fading in one track while fading out another. Crossfader: A transitional slide control on a mixer for fading in one channel while fading out another, using only a signal control. Cue: A point in a song that you want to start from, which you select and listen to before using your Crossfader or Line Fader to increase the volume of the audio so your audience can hear the music.

Cueing is usually done on the first beat of a song, when beat matching. Line Fader: A control used to adjust the volume of an input or output channel on a mixer. Headphones: Miniature speakers worn on the head that allow you to hear the audio output, used by DJs to assist in cueing songs. These can be bi-color, meaning they light two different colors depending on function. One of the many use cases for MIDI controllers are for controlling software applications which run on an external computer not required to use SCS. Mixer A unit designed to blend together two or more sound sources. Monitor: To carefully listen to and study a recording or mix so as to make adjustments.

This can be listening to the Master Output what is coming out of your speakers or the Cue Bus Pre-Listen Cue, the signal coming from your decks before you move your faders for the audience to hear a signal. Scratch: A turntable mix technique that involves rocking the record back and forth by hand with the phono cartridge in the playing position, creating a variety of rhythmic sound patterns. Waveform: The visual representation of the volume and individual frequencies of your music. Stands for Universal Serial Bus and is an interface standard for communication between a computer and external peripherals over an inexpensive cable USB Cable using two way transmissions.

The embedded computer system assists your mixing by automatically synchronizing the tracks at the push of a button. This advanced digital mix engine also allows the SCS. The layout is instantly familiar to the experienced DJ, and logical enough for any novice to grasp.

The beat synchronized features including FX and Auto Loops will give you professional sounding mixes from your first mix out of the box. You may also connect a USB keyboard, as well as a powered active USB hub to augment the amount of available ports, giving you the advantage of connecting more USB storage devices. The unit will take about 45 seconds to boot up, and will start the process of detecting and analyzing the content located on any USB devices that are currently connected. When the Song Analysis symbol disappears, then your songs are analyzed and you can take full advantage of the SCS.

Suitable mass storage devices include: external hard drives, flash drives, portable digital music players, memory card readers, and USB hubs. During normal playback, pressing this button immediately moves the play position of the track to the last set cue point and pauses playback when released. Turning the PLATTER counterclockwise temporarily slows down the playback speed according to the speed, velocity, and duration of the platter rotation.

Pitch will return to the current setting when the wheel stops. During normal play mode, touching the platter will pause playback, and moving the platter forward or backward will create scratch sounds. When the slide is pushed towards the top of the unit - , the tempo of playback is decreased. Pitch will return to the current setting when released. During playback, pressing this button will change the speed and beat position of the selected track to match that of the track playing on the opposing deck. You must tap at least four times to enter a new BPM value.

The HOME view shows your album art, a beatkeeper for keeping your decks aligned as well as a small version of the waveform for each deck with current play position in the waveform indicated.

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From this menu you can prepare song lists, load, save and delete playlists. From this menu, you can customize the controls of your unit, change pitch range, etc. WAV file saved can then be transferred to your computer for sharing, saving your performances and broadcast. Next to the DC power jack is a security clamp, which can be fastened over the power cable to prevent it from being dislodged. These connectors output the mixed audio signal generated from the SCS.

Microphone level is controlled by the microphone rotary volume control located on the front panel to the right of the microphone jack. Suitable microphones are any standard dynamic-style microphone.

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This could cause data corruption to your drive, damaging your songs and other data. In case the unit does not respond with the shutdown screen the power button can be pressed and held for 10 seconds for an emergency shutdown procedure. Suitable mass storage devices include, but are not limited to: external hard drives, USB thumb drives, portable digital music players, memory card readers, and active USB hubs. Depending on size of collection, this can take a while, so it might be best to load a drive with a few songs to start out with until you get the hang of things.

We have also included demo content on the unit to test with for your convenience. As long as the SYNC engine is engaged and you have not moved the position of your pitch sliders, your songs should remain aligned. If your tracks drift out of alignment just hit the SYNC button again! Congratulations, you have just completed your first mix!!! Pressing and holding the CUE button again will start playback from the current position until you let go of the CUE button.

Both buttons can then be released. As the tracks play forward, this button can be used again to synchronize the tracks back together if they fall off beat for any reason. If the BPM of the two tracks differs too greatly, or the current pitch slider range for the deck is less than the needed pitch value change, the pitch is changed to the maximum value allowed by the pitch slider, and the play position of the slave deck is jumped to beat align momentarily with that of the master deck.

If either track is not analyzed or the BPM has been tapped or edited or the deck on which SYNC is pressed is not playing, the pitch of the deck will be changed but the playback position will not jump to be beat aligned. Multiple taps will set the BPM value to the rhythm. The new tapped BPM value is then displayed on the screen.

With SCS. With SNAP engaged, you can be sure that your timing is rarely off. The available loop controls are: Loop This button is pressed to engage a beat synced loop. Pressing the AUTO button a second time will exit the loop. Six different loop lengths are available: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 bars. Multiply x When a loop is active this button changes the end point of the loop to double the loop length. Reloop This button jumps the playing track to the start point of the last loop. If the deck is playing the deck will loop. The last loop created will be remembered until the track is unloaded from the deck.

Please be careful not to be touching the platter while you are using the loop controls so you do not alter audio playback in a way you may not want! In this mode the entire PLATTER is used for pitch bend speeding up or slowing down a song temporarily to get it to be aligned with the song playing on the opposite deck. If the deck is playing, the top section of the jog wheel is used for scratching, while touching only the outer rubberized portion of the PLATTER will not stop audio but instead engage a pitch bend. To scratch, move your finger to rotate the jog wheel to create the feel of scratching on vinyl.

Making a fast motion in either direction on the scratch surface will cause the song to backspin or forward spin in the desired direction. More velocity will cause a faster spin in either direction and the track will slow back down to the original speed similar to that of a vinyl record.

This can be used to quickly find a point in a song or seek backwards to the beginning or end of a song. Touch Button Pressing the Touch Button toggles the jog wheel operation between touch rewind mode and normal operation. The touch rewind mode overrides the setting of the Scratch Button. When touch rewind is on, tapping or touching the top of the jog wheel causes a jump to the main CUE point. Pitch will return to the current pitch slider setting when released.

The pitch slider range alters the amount of pitch change that can be performed by the slider, and acts to control the maximum range of pitch adjustment that can be made by the SYNC or AUTO-DJ functions. Each button turns the selected effect on or off, or instantly switches to a different EFFECT while turning the last one off.

Resonance changes away from the center position of the knob depending on the cutoff frequency. This classic effect can also be done by manually playing two copies of the same record at the same speed and nudging one to be slightly out of sync. This can be anything from simple repeating beats similar to a drummer playing extra beats for a drum fill, or a skipping CD , to full-blown audio chaos! When SLICE is disengaged, the song position will be at the position it would have been had you not engaged the effect. At the maximum settings, a full random re-sequencing of your audio is occurring, while at the lowest settings, a repeatable and unchanging audio loop occurs.

Three EQ knobs with central detent allow you to boost or kill cut to silent each of the bands. The LED is off when audio is less than db, green when audio is between db and -9db, yellow when audio is between -9db and -3db, and red when audio is above -3db. The LED is off when audio is lower than db, green when audio is between db and -9db, yellow when audio is between -9db and -3db, and red when audio is above -3db. Channel faders These control the output level of the Deck A and Deck B pre-cross fader, post auto-gain. As well, this allows you to hear what activating any of your FX will sound like before turning up the volume of a song.

The cue mix knob acts as a fader controlling the relative volume of the left earpiece and the right earpiece. If there is more than one mass storage device attached, then a pop-up menu with a list allows you to select which device to save your recording to.

SCS.4DJ User Manual - Stanton

You can also hit the BACK button to exit without recording. The RECORD button will flash when the device is close to full and recording will automatically turn off if the device is full. When a recording session is complete the session will appear in the Browse menu with a name containing the SCS.

If you run out of space, you can press the RECORD button, and if you have another Mass Storage Device connected, you may select your other device and continue recording. If a device has not been previously used with the SCS. In case the unit does not respond with a shutdown screen, the power button can be pressed and held for 10 seconds for an emergency shutdown procedure.

Use this in function if the unit has accidently mis-calculated the BPM of a song. Described on page 46 38 5. The waveform of a track is multi-color with color associated with frequency and brightness with amplitude to give you a quick visual reference to aid in mixing. Waveform colors are based on EQ frequency, with orange to yellow for bass frequencies, midrange in green and high frequencies in blue. An additional center line in the middle of the waveform shows the current playback position in each track.

This also helps you to keep the beats of the two decks aligned. More about SCS. When Auto-DJ is active, you will see a small headphone icon on your information bar, letting you know that Auto-DJ is in control. If a track is already loaded to a deck and playing, the Auto-DJ will take over immediately and load subsequent tracks from the Active playlist and auto-crossfade for you. If no tracks are loaded but there are songs in the Active playlist, pressing play will automatically load the first song in the Active playlist and start to play it. Content from all Mass Storage Devices is grouped within this screen, so you never have to switch between connected drives to look for songs.

Four columns of information are displayed, with the type of information being dependant upon your chosen sorting option described in the section below. This display shows a list of all of the tracks available in the current collection in alphabetical order. There are also columns displaying the Artist , BPM, and duration of the tracks. On the right side, there is a vertical scroll bar to show your position within your library. The track info screen can also be scrolled through using the Navigation Wheel to see the detailed information for adjacent tracks.

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It runs on Android Nougat 7 and powered by 1. Everything on this album melds together organically. The album is featuring their production as well as compositions. With instrumentations by Tenor and beats procured from the vintage gear of Jori Hulkkonen in his Turku studio, Alppihouz by Willis, the album has a warm feeling and yet sufficiently exciting for the electronic house heads. There are plenty of string pads, flutes and flute pads, etc to prick up your ears. Churches Schools and Guns. Churches Schools and Guns continues on, a collection of 12 tracks that sound — more than anything else — like the act of searching.

Gentle murmurs slowly form into a distant soul vocal while sunny saxophones create a relaxed and beautifully fragile vibe. Here, cowbells and laser-synths scream trademark Kellerkind: sugary without being cheesy, laidback yet never losing sight of the groove. Things get a little tougher on the next tracks. Here, an extremely funky garage bass-line, Chicago strings and urgent trumpets surprise us as they drop after a Moodyman-esque monologue.

A beautiful moment and possible highlight in any DJ set. In , Cocoon turned the beloved Amnesia into a tropical jungle. The jungle seduces with lush colors and intriguing sounds. Without hesitation you dive into lush greens, amazed by heat and beauty. The sun beaming, wind rushing through, unimaginable beasts roaring in the distance — it might all seem a bit too intense.

You might feel lost. Beauty turns into dreariness, an adventure becomes a nightmare. But there is sound, a call. It is as a groove, gentle yet firm, elegant but demanding. These beats lead you through the adventure. He is also the host of the whole event, using music, dance, performance, pyrotechnics and set design to create an integral experience.

This time, the approach is different: Instead of creating two mixes representing each night and day, he produced one continuous set. Yet this is only the beginning of the set. Every beginning is the end of something else as well. Cocoon Hero Ricardo Villalobos creates an unlikely encounter of a driving bassline and a restrained beats topped by intangible strings.

Losoul returns with another one of his subtle yet powerful grooves. There are no big moves necessary to jolt at the basement of the club. The second part sets of on a slightly different, mellow note. The contrast of its alluring melodies and the heavy bass put the crowds of this season consistently under their spell. Makam releases the raw immediate energy of his emotionally versatile house style. At this moment, wAFF only need very little to finally push the crowd into the abyss of pure ecstasy. Everything is possible now. Nihad Tule drops fierce electronic sounds barley heard before, Psyk creates a multilayered sound sculpture full of movement and life.

Len Faki and Johannes Heil suggest a certain seriousness. A horn call seems to ask the dancers to persist for a moment and remember the smiles and sweat and everything else that counted in the summer of This summer sees him play at Bestival, Festival No. The concept when writing the album was to use no samples and instead craft every sound himself. Inspired and influenced by more than 15 years of listening to electronic music, it is a truly cross genre work.

Desolat celebrate their 5th anniversary with a very special edition of their annual sampler This edition not only sees artists from the Desolat family turn in exclusive tracks, but also sees Loco Dice supply a first mix on Desolat. The latest talent to emerge from the highly respected Romanian scene is Horatio. A welcome addition to the sampler and finally getting the full release it deserves! And of course the mainstays of the label have also turned in impressive productions.

And as if that was not enough, the release comes with a download code that allows access to all 15 tracks used in the continuous available on CD. The club Watergate in Berlin is one of the world's most celebrated institutions for electronic music. LED-ceiling, river view and high-class-bookings anchored the club deeply into an international scene. To avoid remembering our ten year anniversary only fragmentarily due to the big festivities, our label-department took care of the physical manifestation from that decade. And this is how it goes: respected artists who have become friends over the last years produced 29 exclusive tracks for us.

The compilation also contains the first house track from Henrik Schwarz for some years. A present from friends for friends. At the same time, we release a collectors box with the two CDs, a DVD about Watergate interviews, history , a photo album, a three-LP vinyl-set with twelve chosen tracks from the CDs, a poster and a guestlist admission card. Thank you and let's go for another ten years! Jesse Rose- String Ting 5.

DJ Sneak - Battle's Over 6. Freefall Inc. Tiefschwarz feat. Mama - Black Magic Woman Maceo Plex - Why 4. Lee Jones - Lost Decade 7. Ryan Crosson - Lost 9. Mike Shannon - Waterfloor Shuffle Content box set: - 2CD with the same tracklist as above. Has it been five years already? We've been so busy pumping out tracks and organizing parties that we haven't had a whole lot of time for self-congratulatory nonsense. But now, looking back at the past half-decade — with nearly tracks released and dozens of packed label nights in Berlin and around the world — perhaps the time is right to mark our accomplishments.

And, as much as this collection is a celebration of our existence so far, it's not just some exercise in anthologizing and repackaging. One of the guiding principles of Upon. Disc One conveys the full spectrum of what tech-house can sound like in , taking clear cues from dance music's rich history but without any blatant retro fetishism. You label nights at Panorama Bar and Watergate. Disc Two breathes new life into our extensive back catalog, thanks to an international assemblage of remixers who have been encouraged to take liberties with the source material.

Olmeto put some extra pep in the step of Gunnar Stiller, whereas Patrick Chardronnet Connaisseur pulls Ruede Hagelstein into the black, murky depths of the ocean. We certainly hope this is enough material to satisfy our loyal DJ followers who have supported our releases over the years. And there's good news for our clubber fans too: We're embarking on international fifth anniversary tour in October, continuing through early next year, sharing our passion with you up close and personal.

What you don't see, though, is the techno firestorm that the Upon. You team has ignited. To experience that, you'll just have to listen! Available on Double-CD and digitally. Steve Bug, one of the world's most renowned artists in the electronic music circuit, presents his fifth and most mature longplayer. The cover is dominated by the filmic aesthetics of light and shadow. The title evokes a world of shady transactions and secret crimes. Originally it was planned that way, but in the end Steve found the concept too rigid. My music expresses my moods, and of course, they are always changing.

The mood is dark, spooked. Over the relentless beats and basslines ghostly sounds swirl and conspire. Richer than its predecessor, these tracks easily transcend the merely functional - Steve Bug has injected the harmonies with serious emotion. Avoiding the trap of many house music producers, Steve has resisted the temptation to throw in an album full of live instrumentation, explaining: "the results have never convinced me.

You have to find musicians who understand repetitive music, otherwise the whole thing is so watery. Due to non-compatible plug-ins, access was blocked to a sample, and Steve ended up asking his mixer Hannes Bieger to play the guitar chords.

DYI: The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever

While the recording was made, the idea to add the solo happened and the results were so good they ended up defining the track. Two of the standout tracks involve sublime vocals from performers Steve has a strong affinity for. The aforementioned 'No Adjustments' with its driving, edgy groove and out of control synth, is enhanced by the spoken word exhortation to just let the beats flow - the unmistakable work of the Foremost Poet Johnny Dangerous.

Aside from that, Steve Bug has always recorded everything on his own — and similarly, developed his distinctive harmonic knowledge by himself. When I realised that many of my heroes in electronic music, whose music always seemed so rich, was done with the help of others, I have always been a little disappointed". It is not a secret and therefore there is no reason to hide it awkwardly. The spirits of these recordings are light-hearted, sincere, a joy to listen and dance to and cumulate in an album that deserves the name.

Whatever the train is called that has Prins Thomas at his helm, you better get a ticket. In this release minilogue continue their journey through musical landscapes. They invite us all to join them for a guided tour into a range of different feelings. Its a true classic of the dub techno genre but it was never released on vinyl. Thats why we will do a re-release with fresh edits and a new mastering. A diary, converted to music with every location producing new impressions and creating diverse sample ressources. Marko is the kind of person searching for natural sounds, between campfires crackles, and rolling obstacles to give his tracks a certain identifying warmth.

The tracks circle around Dubhouse in the broader sense - with rambling pads and endless modulated ambient spheres, tight Groove monsters are created, underlayed with compressed bassdrums whenever appropriate. Every track contains a certain grade of emotion - relating the dedications of the tracknames, that reflect on prevailing local circumstances. Befriended artists like Andres Zarzuela and Daria who has worked with Basti Grub on quite a few occasions, turn singers and, with their voices and songs, add on to the special vibe of the album. Basti Grub loves to dabble with out-of-boundary sounds, styles and rhythms, rare track titles and surprising combinations, making the exotic sound domestic and the domestic cool.

His forthright, joyful attempts to take the seriousness out of the contemporary music scene do not stop him from sounding seriously solid, creating multi-facetted tracks that do not seek to be fashionable but reflect deep playfulness and sincere personal pursuit of expression in a contemporary manner. Whereas many producers nowadays have dedicated themselves to only one musical direction, the influence of Kerri Chandler, Chez Damier or Kevin Saunderson is clearly noticeable in Stefanik's music. His longplay debut for Cocoon Recordings is a mirror of all these influences and yet it's so up-to-date and contemporary like only few other Techno and House albums today.

As the name already suggests, "Entrance" is the gate to Stefanik's club world, the door into the night and to the dancefloors of the hedonistic but nevertheless gloomy metropolises of this world. Not again this pseudo-deep Loop House, or even another definition of Minimal, but a production with depth and substance, however, without cramping or wanting too much. The perfect start of a long, cool night — the sound that opens the gates to another world.

House music like it's been served by Marvin Dash or Dub Taylor for many years: no hands-up attacks and no overproduced U. The kicking , the demanding beat and the gloomy-like filters don't sound like Germany at all. And with "Port Of Transition", Stefanik consequently follows the path he took before. Breakbeat elements melt together with Detroit beats and arpeggios into a timeless mix. In a blind test, it is rather impossible to allocate this track to a certain time period. This is a proper universal weapon for all the Techno DJs of this world.

House with a bang, so to say, not too happy, not too greasy. The perfect soundtrack to let yourself go into a night that has just begun, to become one with the club and to leave daily life behind you. A very successful homage to East Germany's most important club over the last twenty years! Anything goes, everything is possible and nothing sticks to the common rules.

Of course, being an eyewitness of these nights with the respective music and atmosphere sometimes lets you end up a little out of it and a little dopey — in other words: "Dazed And Confused". The soundtrack for a long walk home, when the club has extracted all your energy You walk through the Berlin sun and the chilling morning air, yet bathed in sweat — or simply down to the river where the next party is already starting This is where the transition to eternity is created, to the never ending party, to just carry on.

And there's no hedonism needed from the early morning until noon, only the atmosphere is what counts! This very special mood in between the brisk wind, the blazing sun and people that have been seemingly with you for the whole night. The last track, "Confidence", represents the final chapter of a long and varied night, the soundtrack for Berlin in the year , full of Detroit and House classics, and full of quotes from almost 20 years of House and Techno history. With "Confidence", Stefanik releases us on our way home in a very relaxed mood. By taxi, by train or by foot, this is the self-discovery of a Techno raver heading home, off the party and right into recreation The next weekend is bound to come.

It is said that Funk is defined by the notes that are not being played. The space between the notes here is so vast that Funk becomes transformed into the spirit that creates unfathomable emotional adventure. The rules of dynamics between 0 and 1 shift the relation from reality to relaxation. They evolve from rituals, ending in the release of the sinuous percussion ghost from the machine who breathes out a score for easy living. Which sounds like a primordial soup aerosol of funky molecules and molluscs. In The CD 11of the best tracks are carefully edited and blended together by RV for ultimate listening pleasure.

From to , itiswhatitis played a big role in shaping the sound of minimalist house, mostly through releases by Jonson and Cobblestone Jazz including recent classics like "Typerope" and "Freedom Engine". Contrary to popular belief at the time, the label was not Jonson's creation: it was founded by Spencer Drennan, a staple of the rave scene in Victoria and Vancouver who started IIWII as an outlet for music by Jonson, himself and a few others.

Ten years since his first release, New Identity, Jonson decided to buy the rights to the label and rerelease its catalogue bit by bit. Most of the reissues will be digital—only about half of the IIWII catalog was ever available digitally—and all will be remastered by Jonson himself. Read the interview on Resident Advisor here! After five years of its highly successful existence, after founding its sister-label 2DIY4, after opening its own club EGO in Hamburg, after sending its artists all around the globe and after having brought more than 50 releases into this world - it's time to celebrate Diynamic's fifth birthday!

And this charity-compilation is Diynamic's gift for all of you. The Kinderhospiz is Hamburg-based and currently collecting for a room for music-therapy. The sampler is splitted into two CDs, one to show Diynamic's current sound and one to cross the borders of house-music, to refresh Diynamic's greatest hits. In five years Diynamic has become a big family and of course each member has to be part of Diynamic's fifth birthday compilation.

Solomun, Stimming, David August, H. Aiming to define Diynamic's current sound, the different family-members did wonderful and powerful tracks easily reaching their aims. On the second CD artists from completely different genres of music put hands on the greatest hits of Diynamic. They remix, rework or cover a song from Diynamic's catalogue with the intension to bring on their very own level. This compilation is a must-have for anybody that has followed Diynamic in the past years and for anyone that wants to start following now. It's a milestone in the labels history and all in all it's the best gift you could imagine.

Hailing from Potsdam the beautiful and often forgotten neighbour city of famous Berlin , where Nick is the city's key deep house figure if not to say of even the whole federal state Brandenburg! Backing up his reputation by countless years of being a passionate ambassador of house music since the early 90s when running the recordstore Mbeat and being a resident in the best club which existed in the surrounding of Berlin.

After all these years Nick wants to give something back to the audience and his true fans, which led him to the concept of his debut, each of the eleven tracks can be seen as a unique lovely flower embodied in music given to you as a sign of his gratefulness! The music speaks for itself and lovers of Nick previous works like Minimal Summer, World Dubbing etc.

Available on CD, limited handprinted LP and digitally. Deniz Kurtel is often mistaken for a man - perhaps because she has the balls to once again buck the trend in current underground dance music. Effortlessly weaving entirely new sub-genres, while daring to convey its fragility and combining it with visual art. One year after her debut appeared on leading label Crosstown Rebels, and less than three since she tried production for the first time, Deniz Kurtel creates another project that's stylistically novel to her last.

As a trained artist, she can't stop creating and her creativity spawns an endless spiral of activity. This is the second time Kurtel has paired a piece of LED art directly with her music, but marks the first time where the audience will be able to affect the experience. Housed in a 6x12 enclosed trailer, participants can control some of the LED lights via the keys of a midi controller, which simultaneously produces sounds, creating a visual mapping of what the participant is hearing and vice-versa.

The piece will be exhibited in twelve cities across America at outside galleries and public spaces alongside her club tour. A 3D sculptor born to parents that were also heavily involved with art, she moved from her home in Izmir Turkey to study in New York. An installation is also a permanent fixture at the Marcy.

For her second album she assembles the Marcy All Stars, a loose collective term that encompasses her male muses, friends, partners and co-conspirers. The term comes from the aforementioned Marcy hotel in Williamsburg New York — a residence-comenightclub- come-creative-space that gave Nicolas Jaar his first gig, inspired a multitude of collaborations and reshaped the sound of house music as we know it.

A close knit yet loosely woven family collective much akin to the Wild Bunch the early Massive Attack or Soul II Soul, their visions are explored and shaped through a fluid, dynamic and supportive experience. The title track was produced together with Gadi Mizrahi the lamb of the duo. Back in the mids, before the world discovered its raving feet, Ibiza and its DJs like Alfredo pushed a musical belief that eventually became known as Balearic Beat. The only rule of Balearic Beat, was that there was no rules: so long as it moved you anything went in a DJ set.

Luciano first landed in Ibiza to visit his friend Ricardo Villalobos. Before long, he was DJing at small underground events. His first official gig was with Cocoon. During his time at DC10, Luciano became famous for his magical, mind-altering sets that combined warm-blooded Latino rhythms, futuristic techno and rough house grooves. In , when DC10 was shut for the summer, Luciano was determined to bring back the underground spirit to Ibiza by hosting a free outdoor party at a little known beach bar called Ushuaia. In the end, he chose Pacha as the perfect destination to express his musical vision and in the summer of he launched his Vagabundos concept at the opulent club.

The parties were a runaway success, with Luciano and his fellow Cadenza artists playing to a packed Pacha every Sunday night throughout the summers. Vagabundos is now a world-recognised club brand, celebrated for its wild and stylish carnival affairs that are powered by the very best DJs in house and techno. With wide-reaching influences and diverse musical citations from across the dance music spectrum, Vagabundos carries the essence of the original Balearic Beat.

It is perhaps the modern sound of Ibiza. With moments of intense darkness and life-affirming sunshine rhythms, the mix Luciano creates is like a sublime painting of the island which contains all the colours and gradations of the rainbow. From house to techno, to human and machine created rhythms, sweet voices and warped vocals, blissful beach melodies and mind-twisting notes, classic Chicago beats and futuristic grooves, the mix is a deeply absorbing, multi-dimensional electronic fusion. There is so much wonderful density in this small 76 minute package, that it seems almost counter-intuitive to dissect it.

Luciano uses digital DJing technology to deconstruct tracks and re-construct them into any shape he chooses, allowing him to mix parts from up to four different tracks at once. Playing this way, Luciano is able to blend loops, basslines, vocals, hi hats, and melodies together in ways that vinyl or CDs could never allow him to do. It is one of the reasons why Vagabundos is such a fluid, evolving, and engrossing journey, full of unexpected twists and turns. Yes, on the face of it, Vagabundos is still just a DJ set, but it feels much more like a living electronic soundtrack, an unpredictable beast, unshackled and full of energy.

Beginning with a delicate and magical introduction from Le K, Luciano immediately brings us into another world, full of light and love. Nick Harris then joins the party, adding some gentle synth pulses and wild percussion, giving the mix a sleazy, late night feel. All of this happens before the sixth minute mark. Alex Gori, BBQ, Pompeya, DJ Wild — Luciano works in parts from all of those tracks before the 20 minute point, taking us from techno to house to deep house to percussive house and back to techno again.

It is techno, is it house, is it the sound of a circus? It is Luciano. Electric Deluxe are proud to announce Works, the ninth studio album from dub techno purveyor Brendon Moeller. Conceived in late and inchoately developed during a spell in Amsterdam with EDLX head Jochem Paap overseeing the project, Works flaunts Moeller at the height of danceabilty whilst remaining true to his steeped lineage as a maker of textured, atmospheric and subaqueous electronic music.

After much pondering I decided the best way forward would be to make an album that reflects both my own idiosyncrasies as well as try and capture what I believe to be the spirit of techno. I knew the clock was ticking and I desperately wanted to be sure that every track, every mix of every track was as good as it could be.

The result is an eclectic imagining of the genre—showing the many sides and emotions of techno, and Moeller himself. It's always exciting to hear new music from Mr. Aju, as he consistently offers a fresh approach to the usual dance music formulas with anundeniable sense of soul and singular artistry. This is especially true on his new album, where Aju has really outdone himself with his most diverse, expressive, and personal work to date. Crafted with vintage recordings and instruments inherited from his late father, Aju taps into his roots and musical background more than ever on Heirlooms, taking us on a ten-song journey through past and present influences and a variety of moods, from proper heartfelt tributes to spaced-out bliss and straight-up funk.

Heirlooms is a colorful, refreshingly varied departure from the everyday, rich with emotion and as deeply rooted as they come, offering yet another side of Dave Aju's kaleidoscopic musical world to explore. But it is much more than just that. The debut album of these two young lads with baseball hats not only honours and delves into a sound that already peaked some fifteen years ago, it also hones and elevates it, without ever falling into the Reynoldsmania trap please see Retromania for further reference or being old gold retold.

A tough goal admittedly, but the duo succeeds bravely and most of all classily. Like a distillate of US-American innovations and the European backfire on it, the Smallpeople tell their personal love story and jump to their own conclusions. Smallpeople — big sounds. Coinciding with the cinema premier of "Bar25 - Tage ausserhalb der Zeit" Bar25 - Days Out of Time , the Bar25 label is releasing the official soundtrack. Together with its closest musician friends, the label began work over a year ago on exclusive tracks that would be included in the final cut.

The result is a remarkable compilation of works from a number of music genres - a unique collection of musical contributions by steadfast companions of the exceptional place that was Bar The sampler is divided into two worlds - the dancefloor and the Zirkus - each representative of the distinct atmosphere these two core places emanated during the Bar25's existence. The dancefloor was the club's central point - this is where time seemed to melt into itself and more than a few DJs played the longest sets of their lives. The Zirkus was its counterpart - a place for everybody who wanted to retreat into a dream world.

It hosted bands, cabaret, theater and cinema, and on special occasions, legendary confetti battles. Faithful to this subdivision, the compilation "Bar25 - Tage ausserhalb der Zeit" comprises two CDs that reflect the moods found there. CD1 "Dancefloor" contains 11 club tracks on a spectrum ranging from exclusive, unreleased songs to the dance hymns of the Bar25's last season. CD2 "Zirkus" is a dazzling roundup of special songs, some by artists who usually make very different music.

Taking turns in musical styles, 15 songs give an auditory sampling of what made the Bar25 Zirkus's artistic mix. Like the film, this compilation a tiny testament for eternity to the late, great Bar25 - something definitely worth having on the shelf for reliving the feelings experienced there when it existed from time to time. Supporting the release's distribution is noted techno label Word and Sound. Together with the producer Arden Film, everybody is joining forces to promote the Bar25 - Tage ausserhalb der Zeit project. It could be the background tune for Magazine Beauties in St.

Tropez, it feels like a drive through Californian valleys, or it may as well be the soundtrack tune for a full moon party on the Greek islands - yes, it might indeed just be the result of many a club year. See what I mean? You picture this? The album format, in the world of Electronic Dance Music is most often a self-defeating gesture. There is, traditionally, little need for a long-players worth of club bangers and too often artists who try their hands awkwardly at variation and deeper meaning find they have too little experience and come up short, or even empty.

All told, 14 songs of emotion using the dance music idiom, but meaning much more. Truth be told, to pick just a few songs to highlight the album would be a fallacy, as they all fit together into a larger whole. Full of shrouded emotion teased out of detail, in unlikely forms and places. Nothing is forced, but a lot is gained.

At times melancholic and at times hopeful, at times subdued and at times ecstatic. Drink it in. Whatever you want to call it, it has all the ingredients and romantic notions that can make dance music oscillate between the sacred and the profane: house, gloomy gothic grooves, cock-eyed electro, new wave trance and lots of songs without words. The power of Lauer. Charted by every living organism on our earth, Tolga Fidan is back with what could be a grammy award winning record. No no, just kidding. Which is obviously utter crap.

I have discovered that I talk out loud to myself. Yes i do that. Anyways what we have here is an album which is, if i may say, relatively positive and generally good for home listening. Lazy bastards. I hope you will like it. It was one week after moving into my current flat where I really felt good and at home. For Munich conditions it is a quite big flat. It's in the attic and has got a nice view over some cool roofs with view on sunrise and sunset which is very nice and which I have never had before in my past flats.

All of this is reflected in the album. You can hear the first summer rain from falling on my roof and there were some epic moments on it which surely was due to the nice atmosphere there. It fits perfect to the flat and every track was written and produced in this flat in my home studio. I started to properly work with effects especially with Delays, Reverbs and Phasers. They create a huge impact in the opening of tracks and it sort of feels like creating a painting with different brushes and strokes.

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Without question, this native Berliner is one of the most active and pioneering minds in the world of Techno. Now, Bader has recorded his first studio album for Berlin record label, Highgrade Records. With this album he aims to leave behing any apparent restrictive boundaries and to simply let go creatively Not at all. For him it was a stroke of luck - as it was with many of the collaborating artists. The album cannot be put into any one catagory, switching skillfully between electronic sounds, jazzy tones, and house rhythms, while other musical influences make themselves evident in the background.

The album was produced without any pressure, and as such Bader was able to let his creativity run free, something also that Highgrade Records has given him the freedom to achieve. Whisper Surfing Sabine Good For Nothing Album Edit Wishful Thinking feat. Ja Hier Miles High American Boy Shine On Us feat. Luca Soul Food Move On Me feat. Spoony Talker Deep End Sunshine feat. As always the album artwork is very important to Kasper and so he asked Trevor Jackson producer, DJ and visual artist based in London to make the visual concept for Fool.

Trevor has previously created award winning artwork campaigns for Soulwax, The Rapture, Mattias Aguayo, Chromeo and many more. About Kasper Bjorke: Kasper has released albums like pearls on a string for the past 12 years. Five albums under the Filur moniker with Tomas Barfod from WhoMade- Who for which he has won numerous awards; plus two solo albums and a long line of singles. Pan-Pot handpicks their favorite mobilee releases on the first CD while a condensed version of their own creations can be found in an arousing master mix on the second CD.

And for the first time ever, the personalities behind the music can be seen and heard in a bonus DVD tour document. One-of-a-kind events are defined by burning fans worshiping under the charm and virtuosity from the big stage as Pan-Pot shines through the club music mishmash. Seductive moves and unforgettable melodies bare proof that their musical influence wanders far beyond the dance floor.

This release provides a visual and audible insight into their creative work in the most compact form possible. The tour document is an artist portrait that brings us closer to two techno magnates.

'The End of the F***ing World' returns to Netflix November 5th

Behind light shows and fireworks, personal encounters are defined by contrasting personalities. In the material, the guys give commentary from tour cities such as San Francisco, Detroit, Warschau, Barcelona, and Buenous Aires, yet never lose sight of their home base, family and friends in Berlin. We are the best example of that. In the beginning no one knew us but today we can pull others along with us. The viewer can practically feel the tension of the two during that gig. A melody of past releases is taken apart and reimagined through exclusive tracks, loops and sound splinters creating a compelling music piece.

The signature of unique personality-filled producers is noticeable in each of the 11 club tracks. The CD carries on with an array of mobilee artists connected with a sense of the dynamic of the dance floor, while possessing an ingenuity for emotional electronic sound. Jamie Paton is a DJ, a one-finger keyboardist, and a pot-tickler. Together they are winners of the cosmic lottery. With the imminent release of their debut long-player and remixes for the likes of Blancmange, things are really set to take-off.

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You know, like a bird. Both records revealed Public Lover to be something rather fresh: an electronic duo that has both production savvy and lyrical finesse. With A Broken Shape Of You, this budding dynamic reaches maturity, creating what is surely one of the best albums of the year. There are two sides to Public Lover——the indie group and the production duo——and the tension between these two gives the album its momentum.

At times it's driven by Ninca Leece's singing. The title track sets the scene with a string of potent images: "cold sunshine," "frosted window pane," "shadows of you and I. At other times the album's pop element subsides, letting its unique production take the fore. Pronsato has always earned accolades for his impeccable sound design, but his key strengths are in texture and rhythm; Ninca Leece, a trained vocalist and indie artist at heart, fills in the gaps with her ear for warmth and melody.

Dusty piano keys bounce off polished kick drums, surreal vocal lines float above imperfect hand claps, and room noise and vocal outtakes two of Pronsato's trademarks give the mix a sonorous dimension. Delivered in hues of pale winter light, the album has a wispy, almost weightless feel——something thanks in part to Steffen Betke, better known as Pole, the esteemed dub techno artist, who mastered the album. A Broken Shape of You is something many electronic albums are not: understated, elliptical, and most importantly, personal.