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Libra and Scorpio Love and Marriage Compatibility Sign up for your Free Daily Horoscope. Choose your star sign. Where the rest of our Horoscopes are more targeted, e. Love and Money Horoscopes, the General Horoscopes look at the general conditions. It is the General Daily Horoscopes that are emailed out each day. The General Daily Horoscopes are emailed out to you, but the rest are available here. On the cusp?

In the Yearly Love Horoscopes, we look at the year as a whole and how you will fare on the romantic and relationship fronts. Isolated references to celestial "signs" in Sumerian sources are insufficient to speak of a Sumerian zodiac. By the 4th century BC, Babylonian astronomy and its system of celestial omens had an influence on the culture of ancient Greece , as did the astrology of ancient Egypt by late 2nd century BC. This resulted, unlike the Mesopotamian tradition, in a strong focus on the birth chart of the individual and in the creation of horoscopic astrology , employing the use of the Ascendant the rising degree of the ecliptic, at the time of birth , and of the twelve houses.

Association of the astrological signs with Empedocles ' four classical elements was another important development in the characterization of the twelve signs. The body of astrological knowledge by the 2nd century AD is described in Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos , a work that was responsible for astrology's successful spread across Europe and the Middle East, and remained a reference for almost seventeen centuries as later traditions made few substantial changes to its core teachings.

The following table enumerates the twelve divisions of celestial longitude, with the Latin names still widely used and the English translation gloss. Association of calendar dates with astrological signs only makes sense when referring to Sun sign astrology. He explained the nature of the universe as an interaction of two opposing principles called love and strife manipulating the four elements, and stated that these four elements were all equal, of the same age, that each rules its own province, and each possesses its own individual character.

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Different mixtures of these elements produced the different natures of things. Empedocles said that those who were born with near equal proportions of the four elements are more intelligent and have the most exact perceptions.

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Each sign is associated with one of the classical elements , [9] and these can also be grouped according to polarity: Fire and Air signs are considered positive or extrovert , masculine signs; while Water and Earth signs are considered negative or introvert , feminine signs. A modern approach looks at elements as " the energy substance of experience " [10] and the next table tries to summarize their description through keywords. Classification according to element has gained such importance, that some astrologers start their interpretation of a natal chart , by studying the balance of elements shown by the position of planets and angles [14] especially the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

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Each of the four elements manifests in three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Christian astrology relates the three qualities to the three aspects of God in the trinity [ citation needed ]. The combination of element and modality provides a basic sign characterization. For instance, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning that it is associated with action cardinal modality in the material world earth element. That can translate into ambition or practical application to the concrete, everyday necessities of life.

Rulership is the connection between planet and correlated sign and house. The traditional rulerships are as follows: Psychologically-oriented astrologers often believe that Saturn is the ruler or co-ruler of Aquarius instead of Uranus; Neptune is the ruler or co-ruler of Pisces instead of Jupiter, and that Pluto is the ruler or co-ruler of Scorpio instead of Mars.

Some astrologers [23] believe that the planetoid Chiron may be the ruler of Virgo, while other group of modern astrologers claim that Ceres is the ruler of Taurus instead.

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Other astrologers, still, use the former planets Pallas, Vesta, Juno and Hygiea in their delineations and rulerships, for example Vesta to Taurus and Pallas to Virgo. Debate continues between those who consider the newly discovered planets as rulers or co-rulers of certain signs and those that do not. Therefore, they do not take into account planetary rulerships and the essential dignities when interpreting an astrological chart.